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Hellux Construktions-Licht and ZETT EXTERIOR LIGHTING merge into HELLUX International GmbH

Berlin, Germany - The traditional Berlin manufacturer of outdoor and street luminaires, Hellux Construktions-Licht GmbH and ZETT EXTERIOR LIGHTING GmbH from Braunschweig specialized on LED lighting solutions merge into the HELLUX International GmbH...

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LED-plugin for a safe conversion

Thanks to professional LED conversion kits existing Hellux lights enter the digital age. The familiar body remains unchanged – only the internal elements are new. A conversion kit consists of a mounting plate with LED module, driver unit, matching reflector and connecting lead. The upgrade is simply and quickly accomplished in just a few steps – in the case of some types of light not even a tool is needed.

LED conversion kits are already available for the decorative bell light 032, the spherical light 232 and the mushroom light 417. But the practical changeover necessary for the technical lights 144, 151, 152 and 171 can also be completed without difficulty. LED conversion kits for other types of light will be available shortly.

Hellux has been manufacturing quality lamps “made in Germany“ for over a hundred years. The supply of spares, standardised construction and open modular design represent for the customer a lasting investment and planning security. As producer of LED lights (like the 111 Primus light) Hellux is well-acquainted with the properties of modern LED light technology such as thermomanagement or electrostatic discharge, and uses this know-how in the production of LED conversion kits. For safety reasons lights should only be converted using original parts supplied by the manufacturer.

Collection - Variety in light.

The new catalogue emphasises our strengths from combining serial production and custom-designed luminaires.

Almost 100 products in the sections of "Technical Luminaires", "Decorative Luminaires", "Historical Luminaires", "Light Columns and Bollard Luminaires", "Ceiling & Wall-Mounted Luminaires", "Multifunctional Light Systems" and "Special Applications" demonstrate the variety of lighting solutions.

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Ernst an der Mosel, Germany

Energy savings of 39% by replacing the street luminaires in the wine-growing town of Ernst in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The innovative Ellipsis 131 luminaire system was installed by the utility RWE Rhein Ruhr AG, location Rauschermühle (Plaidt), in the holiday town on the Moselle river.

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